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City Surveillance Department, Rotterdam, Holland

Like most large cities, Rotterdam in the Netherlands has a parking problem. For shoppers, visitors or people carrying out their business, finding a parking space is often difficult. Parking in the city center can also be expensive, but the Rotterdam authorities are at least making it easier to pay for parking.

Since January 1st, Pay and Display parking machines in Rotterdam accept payment from special chipknip cards. To offer users more alternatives, the City Surveillance department also wants to enable payment by credit card. For this reason, a pilot project has been started involving 250 parking machines.

As part of this pilot project, the department also wanted to simplify collection. Previously, parking inspectors were forced to empty each machine manually by using a special card and performing a lengthy series of operations. Instead, the authorities wanted an alternative that would computerize electronic collection and monitoring.

The Mobitex network operated by RAM Mobile Data was selected for the project. As a result, parking machines have a wireless connection with the City Surveillance department’s computer system. This has several benefits. Staff can empty a machine remotely via computer, spot breakdowns and implement parking rate changes. If the project is a success, credit-card payment will be accepted and Mobitex will be used in parking machines throughout the city.

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