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Network availability at all times

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System components

The alarm detection system (eg sprinklers)

The alarm signalling equipment

The Mobitex network

The control and monitoring system

An optional emergency services data link


Fast and reliable monitoring of output from connected security systems

Forwarding of alarms to the proper emergency or service unit

Self-tests at preset intervals

All events logged

Mobitex is ideally suited for telemetry applications, since the traffic generated by these applications consists of short exchanges typically containing only a small amount of data. The network is optimized for this type of bursty traffic and allows many terminals to share the same radio channel. Packet switching also ensures a reliable and secure communications channel and lower costs for telemetry applications, compared with other network technologies, since traffic costs are not affected by time or distance. In addition, a group broadcast function is available that allows a host to poll all remote terminals cost-effectively and instantaneously.

Mobitex accommodates true push functionality. Without being requested, a host can initiate a transmission to a remote device, meaning the host "pushes" the information to the device. This functionality is particularly useful in security applications and other device-to-device applications. The Mobitex network is always available and deliveries are guaranteed with short response time.

Mobitex offers end-to-end solutions and turnkey applications for the security sector. Based on industry standards and using off-the-shelf components wherever possible, these solutions have been designed to meet the specific requirements of the security sector. Terminals are typically integrated units that include both a Mobitex modem and detection and monitoring equipment.

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