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Technology highlights

Mobitex is a leading technology for dedicated wireless data for professional users. Mobitex offers immediate usable solutions and services that deliver real value.

Mobitex has a number of key advantages over other technologies. It provides a highly secure environment, fast data delivery with round-trip message times of just seconds, it has the highest levels of reliability, the longest battery life in the wireless industry, true always-on push functionality as well as extensive, seamless coverage.

A lifeline for professional users
We have numerous customer references of Mobitex being used by operational staff out in the field to increase efficiency and availability. Example: By using Mobitex, the UK Police Service have improved dispatch and arrival times by 61%.
Example: US Congress have invested in Blackberry Mobitex devices. These handheld units have enabled members to communicate critical information through a secure and reliable communication channel in the event of another terrorist attack.

We help you build a solution for instant and reliable wireless data communications at all times, under all traffic and weather conditions - even during National crises.