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Frequently asked questions

What is Mobitex?
Mobitex is a mobile and wireless network technology used for mission-critical business applications. It has become known as a key technology in the market, due to its outstanding reliability and consistent optimal performance. Mobitex has an open application interface. It is an all-digital, packet-switched, narrowband, data only technology.

What is the business focus of Mobitex Technology AB?
Mobitex Technology AB designs, supplies and supports wireless packet switched data networks using the unique Mobitex technology which is the world leading system for mobile and wireless data developed by Ericsson. Together with our partners, we help our customers around the world build solutions for instant and reliable wireless data communications.

What are the products and services offered?
Mobitex infrastructure equipment is available on the 400, 800 and 900 MHz bands. Mobitex networks can be configured in many different ways, ranging from large, public and nationwide networks to small, privately owned networks serving a single region or company. We offer consultancy and implementation services as well as addressing the area of maintenance and support. We work in partnership with software and hardware vendors to deliver end-to-end solutions.

Who are our customers?
Our customers consist of companies that want secure wireless data communication for their own business needs (dedicated networks) or want to offer wireless services to others (public and private operators).
Mobitex operators

Who is the typical Mobitex user?
Mobitex supports the widest range of data applications from wireless e-mail solutions like Blackberry ™, one of the most popular wireless data applications in the world, to customized solutions for professional users.

Mobitex is optimized for short, bursty data for people on the go. A typical user can be a mobile worker such as a police officer, field worker, or service- and delivery personnel. A wireless data solution based on Mobitex can give mobile workers access to critical information needed to perform their work efficiently.

A Mobitex user can also be, and often is, a machine. Mobitex is frequently used for machine-to-machine communication. Typical areas are remote monitoring and control of alarms, power supply, heaters, gas, water and parking meters. You can also find many users among merchants who use Mobitex as carrier for credit card validations and transactions.

Today, the Mobitex networks are widely deployed by vertical solutions for public safety, government, security, transport & logistics, public transport, banking and merchants, and other types of organizations.

What is driving the market for wireless business applications?
The main factor is the wish to reduce communication costs, to increase efficiency in the organizations and to optimize the use of resources.
A heightened awareness of security needs and focus on anti-terrorism are also driving aspects for the demand for Mobitex services.

How do you expect Mobitex to develop over the coming years?
Many Mobitex operators already offer a number of machine-to-machine solutions on their networks. This is an area of the telecommunication industry that is growing rapidly and will continue to do so over the coming years. Mobitex operators are well positioned in order to win new business in this rapidly growing sector. In the local government sector there is also a demand for privately owned data networks mainly by the public safety and public transport organizations.

There are several wireless data technologies available today. Why should I choose Mobitex?
Mobitex is a proven technology used for mission critical applications. There are many business users that need to be absolutely sure that they can rely on the communication to work at all times. For these users, the network must always be available. There should be no risk of the network being blocked by voice traffic for example during rush hours, at accidents or large events and certainly not during terror attacks or incidents.

During Sept 11 Mobitex was the only network that remained up and running the entire time, in spite of a 60% traffic peak.

Mobitex operators usually present service levels guarantees. For a professional user, however, speed is only one parameter. Equally important are features such as network availability and reliability, latency, security and functionality.

Everybody is talking about broadband communication these days, but Mobitex is a narrowband technology. Will its speed be sufficient?
Yes, in most cases. Very few professional applications need broadband communication. The data transmitted is usually short and intermittent. Mobitex has a very effective radio protocol. Because of this it only takes a few seconds, typically between 3-8 seconds, to perform a credit-card transaction, send a vehicle position or send a message reply. Mobitex users can send and receive messages instantly since there is no need to log in, dial-up or activate a transaction . For services such as large file transfers, multimedia, full web browsing and color screen games, Mobitex is less suitable.

Who supplies Mobitex infrastructure?
Mobitex Technology is the sole supplier of infrastructure equipment but with an open specification, there are numerous retailers supplying applications, middleware, modems and terminals.

Where can I buy a Mobitex network?
We work through agents and local representatives in a number of countries. For more information please specify your interest and e-mail it to

How can I find information on offering a Mobitex solution in an existing network?
Please contact your local Mobitex operator or a solution provider in your market.
Mobitex operators

Where can I find Mobitex networks?
Mobitex continues to expand around the world and has been deployed by some 30 network operators around the world providing coverage on six continents.