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Together with our partners we offer innovative turnkey solutions for public safety and government organizations that want to enhance their services.

Mobitex has established its strong position in the public safety and government sector by offering a highly efficient communications channel for public services in which communications must never fail and where security is paramount.

There is growing recognition that messaging expedites critical communications and improves decision support. For example, police forces in many countries use Mobitex for a variety of applications, including vehicle dispatch, status messaging and real-time access to central databases of criminal records. For organizations already using voice over radio, data communication can complement and enhance their services and provide completely new methods for making better use of resources, thereby increasing efficiency.

The high security and reliability of Mobitex networks make them ideal for emergency services. Confidence in the Mobitex network is high, because it has proven itself to be rugged, reliable and secure under extremely demanding conditions. Mobitex has proven to be an excellent performer during crises. Using data and voice separately provides redundancy. To further increase reliability, redundancy can be introduced at various points in the network.

Mobitex offers end-to-end solutions and turnkey applications for public safety and government. Based on industry standards and using off-the-shelf components wherever possible, these solutions have been designed to meet the specific requirements of the public safety and government services for secure communication and remote access to police and government databases. Terminals vary with the applications but are typically PC-based and support standard functions for computer-aided dispatching and automatic vehicle location, as well as functions specific to the application.

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