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Your company faces new challenges every day. To stay competitive, you need to maintain profit margins and satisfy customers' expectations. It is imperative that you drive down costs, accelerate productivity and synchronize operations. Mobitex Technology and its business partners understand this and can enable you to seamlessly integrate your fleet and inventory management systems and extend the reach of your information systems from warehouse to dock to point of delivery - wherever it may be.

Imagine the impact on cost and productivity if you knew the minute when trailers would arrive, the size and type of their load, and what resources you need for tomorrow's shipments.With wireless data onboard, your vehicles are transformed into mobile profit centers. Vehicles capture and transmit a constant stream of real-time data on driver performance, routes taken and hours worked. You can use this data to reduce mileage, improve fuel economy and boost productivity across the board. When you know how your fleet is doing hour by hour, you can reduce delivery turnarounds, match customer time windows, improve equipment usage, eliminate aborted deliveries, even remotely monitor time-sensitive loads.

Mobitex offers end-to-end solutions and turnkey applications for transport and logistics. Based on industry standards and using off-the-shelf components wherever possible, these solutions include computer-aided dispatching and vehicle and parcel tracking functions that continuously update central systems. Terminals are typically purpose-built units designed for vehicle mounting and easy operation while driving. Many solutions also include a web application that customers can use to track parcels in real time.

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NetworkFleet by Networkcar MARCUS® by Discrete Wireless INCA® by APD Track & Trace® by RAM MobiWin® by B&M Systemutveckling
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Success story 

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