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Credit and debit card processing

Mag-stripe card processing

Smart card processing

Support for Internet-based value-added applications e.g. loyalty programs and gift cards

Support for web-enabled back-office reporting

Terminal options

Portable terminal with integrated radio modem

Mobile terminal with integrated or external radio modem

Mobitex is a proven and secure communication technology with high availability, making it perfect for wireless transactions.

Wireless payment refers to the electronic on-line authorization of a transaction from a remote terminal by a financial institution or host processor that is typically part of the computer system of a bank or credit card issuer. Although credit cards are often involved, the transaction may be credit, debit or funds transfer. By taking advantage of a Mobitex network, merchants also gain the added benefit that wireless point-of-sales applications allow mobility. This means that payment can be accepted wherever the transaction occurs and be approved within just five seconds.

The system combines enormous flexibility with solid business benefits, such as increased cash flow, facilitation of loyalty programs and other value added services.

Mobitex makes extremely efficient use of radio spectrum meaning that as many as 1,500 point-of-sales terminals can share a single 12.5 kHz channel. As a narrowband, packet switched wireless data network, Mobitex is designed for short, bursty data. This makes it ideal for wireless point-of-sales applications which typically involve data packets less than 150 bytes for a request and less than 110 bytes for an authorization.

Wireless solutions for on-line banking are a catalyst for increasing market shares and improving customer service. Both Master Card and Visa International have certified Mobitex wireless payment applications as a secure method of payment and recommend it to their members.

Mobitex offers end-to-end solutions and turnkey applications for wireless point-of-sale and electronic funds transfer (POS/EFT). Based on industry standards and using off-the-shelf components wherever possible, these solutions have been designed to meet the specific requirements on POS/EFT applications while supporting mobile terminals for wireless payments at the point of transaction. Terminals are available from virtually all major suppliers and are typically based on standard payment terminals with an integrated Mobitex modem.

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