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Swedish armed forces, Sweden

Since 1991, the Swedish armed forces have been operating a Mobitex system for transport, medical care and monitoring of supply depots, among other things. The system was put to the test under practical conditions in two major military exercises - and won a citation from the Swedish C-in-C! Based on Mobilink software running under Windows NT, the system now comprises more than 2.400 Mobitex terminals, and includes encryption devices for data security.

Swedish armed forces win citation for Mobitex network

The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) is the procurement agency for the Swedish armed forces. In 1990, the FMV ordered a Mobitex system that would provide nationwide coverage and could be used for administration of medical care as well as transport of materiel. Installation of the system involved cooperation between FMV and Telia to upgrade available network capacity.

The system was first used in full-scale during Operation North Wind, a major military exercise run in 1991. The results were so successful that the Commander-in-Chief of the Swedish Armed Forces was awarded a citation for excellence. The system was used again two years later in Operation Hurricane, also with fully satisfactory results.

Decisive benefits

The system provides nationwide coverage, so that mobile users anywhere in Sweden are assured of continuous contact with the communication network from Lapland, north of the Arctic Circle, to the plains of Scania, across the strait from Denmark.

Integration of the military's encryption devices and software means that transmissions in the system are securely protected from eavesdropping or unauthorized access. In addition, cooperation with Telia, which runs the public telephone network in Sweden, has enabled development of improved methods for network management.

Flexible technology

The system has been steadily expanded and upgraded, and now comprises more than 2.400 mobile terminals as well as Mobilink software that runs under Windows NT, which ensures a user-friendly interface throughout the network. In addition to Windows, the system supports the EDIFACT and TCP/IP standards.

Various types of connections can be used, including leased lines and the public telephone network. Databases can easily be linked to the Mobitex network.

Wide range of applications

Typical applications for the Swedish armed forces' Mobitex system include coordination of vehicle transport, helicopter traffic control, control and administration of medical transport and resources, monitoring of supply depots, coordination with civilian rescue services, upgrading of databases and transmission of electronic mail for mobile users.

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