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There are a great number of applications available today. These are solutions that give public safety and government agencies the combined benefits of real-time data collection and access to mission-critical information.

Automatic Vehicle Location
Digital maps show vehicle positions and provide driving directions. Automatic vehicle location services provide exact information on where vehicles are at all times and can be used to optimize fuel consumption and distance traveled.

Performance Monitoring
Performance monitoring allows real-time monitoring of packet transmission and application performance

Activity reporting from the field
Live access to the command and control system, allowing real-time activity reporting, recorded via status codes and transmitted around the clock, without delays or the risk of inaccurate and unreliable data.

Database inquiries in real time
In one transaction, police officers can access multiple databases giving secure instant access to information on stolen cars, wanted and missing persons, previous convictions and bail conditions, in real time and at the touch of a button.

Government staff can access information from multiple databases and perform instant messaging for faster decision-making and to expedite critical communications. It is absolutely essential that only authorized persons would is access this data. Both host and mobile access is only granted to authorized parties.

Automated vehicle and resource dispatch
The dispatch center can send its crews a much greater volume of detailed information than was previously possible. Detailed information on hazardous chemicals, building floor plans, map references and information on the location of hydrants can all be transmitted via Mobitex, along with information on how to reach an address.

Wireless ticketing
Officers can perform wireless ticketing for speeding or other offences. The ticket is generated automatically and no extra time for filing a report into the right system is required.

Maintaining radio silence in surveillance operations
Maintaining radio silence is critical in many police surveillance operations. Yet, police still need to communicate with each other and access central information sources. Mobitex solves this dilemma.

Secure against intrusion
Mobitex has built in redundancy so that it can continue working if part of the network is damaged. Sabotage of switches, base stations or transmission lines has no effect on communication. Data messages are more difficult to eavesdrop and lost terminals can be easily removed from the network. Applications with end-to-end encryption can be used for sensitive operations.

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