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Jurong Island Chemical Industries, Singapore

Safety, always an important concern when hazardous chemicals are being handled, has been significantly enhanced in an industrial area on Jurong Island in Singapore. The requirement came after September 11th. With the new system, alerts are forwarded instantly to all parties, allowing them to take action quickly and appropriately.

Sixteen chemical industry companies are participants in the project. All of these companies produce or handle chemicals on Jurong Island, which Singapore is transforming into a worldclass hub for the chemicals industry.

For these customers, local Mobitex operator ST Mobile Data created an Alert Messaging System that links all companies together wirelessly. This software allows personnel at each company to enter an alert that is instantly transmitted to all participating companies and shown on special LED displays in strategic locations, thus ensuring that critical real-time information is automatically disseminated. Mobitex’s high reliability will ensure that the transmission of the message never fails.

“The Mobitex Alert Messaging System allows everyone handling hazardous or sensitive chemicals in these companies to keep their eyes open and to alert all parties to take preventative measures, should an emergency arise,” notes Wong Kang Jer, account manager at STMD. .

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