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Birka Energy, Sweden

Mowic, the new Swedish operators, wasted no time in forging successful partnerships. As Mobile Data Magazine went to press, the company announced the signing on of its first major customer, Birka Energy, which has selected a cutting edge heat management solution from Schlumberger Resource Management Services (RMS) that includes data communications services using Sweden's new Mobitex network.

Stockholm selects cutting-edge wireless solution

The order placed by Birka Energy, which is Sweden's largest district heating company, is valued at USD 8 million and calls for the installation of an integrated data collection and management system for the Stockholm's district heating system. The order includes numerous heat meters which are equipped for two-way communication using Schlumberger's Power Line Carrier (PLC) and Mowic's network.

Advanced energy management

The new system, which will be fully implemented by January 2000, will provide Birka Energy with the advanced energy data management technology that it requires to offer enhanced customer services in the newly deregulated Swedish energy market.

The initial deployment, which was started in April, will replace the existing heating sensors in all of Birka Energy's district heating substations, located at strategic points around the city and responsible for the delivery of hot water to some 350,000 residential apartments and 20,000 commercial and industrial operations.

The substations will then be equipped with Schlumberger advanced CF50 electronic heat energy calculator units, which will use high-frequency PLC (Power Line Carrier) technology for on-line meter reading and other services, including two-way communications for real-time control and tariff adjustment.

"We are convinced that Schlumberger value-added services will provide Birka Energy with the competitive edge that it seeks in the challenging environment of today's utility market," says Henning Eneström, Scandinavian manager for Schlumberger RMS.

Meter-to-billing system

Schlumberger RMS (Resource Management Services) delivers innovative solutions through building on strategic revenue, data and metering management. In addition to energy-resource consulting services, the division offers project design, implementation and management that includes both outsourcing of operations and manufacturing. Schlumberger is the only company to span all resource industries ­ water, gas and heat.

"Schlumberger is a world leader in resource management and metering that is pioneering innovative technology for remote monitoring and control," says Mowic president Björn Sabel. "We are extremely proud to be able to supply a highly reliable and cost-effective wireless data channel for the vital link between Schlumberger's equipment in the substations and Birka Energy's Customer Information System."

It is hoped that this project will be the first step in implementing what Birka Energy terms "a meter-to-billing" system covering all aspects of resource management and metering. Discussions are currently in progress between Schlumberger and Birka Energy regarding a potential second phase of the project in which web-based client services will be added for all operations, query and administrative functions.

Aether Mobile Government

Aether’s Mobile Government Division provides market-leading mobile computing products for federal, state and local government. Its mission is to make Mobile Government a reality across all of government and to be the key that unlocks the power of wireless information and the Internet for all mobile professionals in the public sector.

The Mobile Government Division of Aether was created by combining pioneering state and local government products such as PacketCluster and FireRMS that were acquired through the acquisitions of Cerulean Technology and Sunpro Corp., with Aether products such as ScoutSync, Blackberry by Aether and others that are used by such Federal agencies as the U.S. Navy and U.S. Postal Service.

Having seen the productivity, economic, safety and community relation’s benefits derived from deploying mobile data technology, many government agencies in the US and other countries are now moving to adopt mobile computing. Aether Mobile Government will continue to offer additional wireless mobile applications and services to meet those needs.

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