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Tibco Software Inc, USA

Tibco Software Inc, a leading provider of real-time infrastructure software for e-business, has equipped 200 of its sales, marketing and field service representatives with Interactive Messaging PLUS from BellSouth Wireless Data to better respond to potential and current clients and improve on-the-go communications. The cutting-edge wireless data service has already had a dramatic effect on the way Tibco employees collaborate.

Wireless data seals the deal

"As many of our representatives conduct business while on the road, we need a tool that allows us to wirelessly exchange information in a timely manner whereever we are. Using one-way pagers and cell phones, we were missing a critical aspect of mobile communication - the ability to respond immediately," says Raj Mashruwala, executive vice president of sales, marketing and worldwide operations for Tibco Software.

With Interactive Messaging PLUS, Tibco representatives can wirelessly exchange pricing, availability and technical information. Interactive Messaging PLUS gives Tibco reps the ability to respond to clients' questions quickly and provide complete and detailed information even when they are in meetings.

"Using Interactive Messaging PLUS, I was able to close a significant deal by discreetly forwarding a technical question to Tibco during a sales meeting," relates Mashruwala. "Within minutes, I had answers and was equipped with the information I needed to formulate a response and provide more detail than the client expected."

Tibco employees also save time by communicating with Interactive Messaging PLUS. Instead of interrupting a meeting to answer a page or cell phone call, employees can respond discreetly to messages sent from other hand held devices or Internet e-mail by typing a few short sentences from the palm of their hands.

Interactive Messaging PLUS allows my staff and me to communicate vital information immediately, without causing a disruption, helping to make us a more efficient organization," concludes Mashruwala


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