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Public Transport Corporation, Australia

United Wireless of Australia has been awarded a five-year contract to provide the wireless network communications component for the Public Transport Corporation's (PTC) Train Location System project.

Wireless data serves Australian commuters

The Train Location System enables PTC to monitor and manage its network of trains more effectively, resulting in improved train scheduling and enhanced customer service to rail commuters in the Melbourne metropolitan area.

The GPS-based Train Location System captures real-time train location and logistics data from within the suburban electrified rail network. It then transmits It over United Wireless' Mobitex network to a central database for manipulation and widespread distribution.

"United Wireless' Mobitex network will ensure that the PTC's management and its train controllers have fast and easy access to the operational information and data they need. We are delighted to be able to contribute to the enhanced services that will be delivered to Melbourne's passengers as a result of the new Train Location System," comments United Wireless' CEO, Joseph P. Gatto Jr.

The decision to use United Wireless' Mobitex network for communication was based on Met Trains' drive to improve customer service. Simon Lane, Managing Director of Met Trains, says, "United Wireless gives us the platform we need for transmitting real-time information on operations throughout the day, so that we can keep our customers informed and provide the first-class service they expect."

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