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Summit Health, USA

Summit Health and RAM Mobile Data are bringing the competitive advantages of Mobitex wireless data communications to home health care. By providing access to databases and patients' health records, the MobileNurse solution boosts productivity by 20 percent, while reducing time-consuming paperwork.

Mobile Nurse improves home health care

Summit Health, RAM Data and Oracle Corporation have combined their efforts to bring the competitive advantages of wireless communications to the home health care market MobileNurseTM is a wireless laptop-based field information system that enables nurses to improve management of their patients' treatments and costs, while minimizing the time nurses spend on paperwork. By increasing productivity, Mobile-Nurse allows nurses to make more visits per day, thus increasing income for themselves and the health care provider.

Doctor's orders

MobileNurse uses RAM Mobile Data's two-way wireless data communications network to provide access to a patient's medical history, including the treating physician's orders, medications and treatments. The application also allows nurses to order medical supplies and equipment through an automated system that facilitates obtaining the doctor's approval.

The software supports automatic generation of bills for Medicare, Medicaid and private health insurance companies. In addition, nurses may use two-way wireless data communications to exchange real-time messages with administrators and other nurses.

More time for patients

"By freeing the nurse from non-productive activities involving paperwork, medical supply handling and delivery, Mobile-Nurse allows more time to be devoted to patient care, and it standardizes terms and continuity of care," says Tammy L. Johnson, director of media and public relations for Summit Health.

Visiting nurses using the MobileNurse solution carry a portable PC equipped with the MobileNurse software and a radio modem to access RAM's Mobitex network. Nurses can access a full database during patient visits. All demographic patient information, as well as detailed information on the products and services required, are available within minutes on the nurse's laptop screen.

During patient visits, nurses enter patient information, thus automatically updating the database without time-consuming paperwork- Product order management schedule changes and billing are also automated with MobileNurse.

Converting to wireless

Summit Health has been providing consulting and billing services for medical equipment and supply providers since the early 1980s. Recognizing an opportunity to expand their services to include the home health care market, Summit began to explore options for catering to this mobile sector of the medical profession. Summit Health selected RAM Mobile Data and Oracle Corporation to provide the tools, technology and service needed to develop the MoileNurse wireless solution.

"With RAM and Oracle, we were able to take our expertise in health care billing and convert it for wireless use," explains Tammy L. Johnson. RAM Mobile Data's Developer Program supported Summit Health's successful effort to develop the MobileNurse solution.

Market-driven solutions

"MobileNurse is a great example of how companies like Oracle, Summit Health and RAM can come together to create market-driven wireless solutions that deliver competitive advantages," says Janet Boudris, senior vice president of Strategic Marketing for RAM Mobile Data.

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