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Today’s society is increasingly dependent on services. Whether they are mundane services, such as street cleaning and rubbish collection, travel services for an increasingly mobile population or the technical support services required to support the many advanced products that seem to have become indispensable in our daily lives, services account for an increasing share of economic activity. At the same time, the cost of producing goods continues to decline.

This trend poses formidable challenges in both the public and private sectors. Simply put, service organizations must deliver better service more rapidly and more efficiently.

For private enterprises that are able to charge for services based on the actual cost of delivering them, this may represent an opportunity. However, for municipal authorities that must satisfy public demand for services and in many cases are obligated by law to provide them, delivering better service using fewer resources often seems an impossible task.

Mobitex brings simplicity to the complex equation of delivering better service by making innovative use of proven technology. Basic services, such as street cleaning, parking administration and rubbish collection may remain the same, but wireless data allows them to be organized in a different way that reduces administration and makes service delivery more efficient, thus reducing costs.


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