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The Mobitex interface specification is administered by the Mobitex Association. Currently Mobitex is available on the 400, 800 and 900 MHz bands, but as all networks are based on exactly the same specifications, Mobitex applications will work on any network anywhere in the world.

Today there are more than 30 Mobitex networks in operation on all continents, making Mobitex not only the largest wireless data market, but also the only truly global market. Some of the networks are public, meaning that anyone may purchase network services from the local operator, while others are owned and operated by companies for their own use and benefit.

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Consultancy services
In planning your network, you need to decide what your long-term goals are. The choices you make now will largely determine your future success.

Implementation services
How quickly and efficiently can you establish the network you have chosen? The faster you're up and running, the sooner you start generating revenue.

Maintenance & support
To provide quality services to your subscribers, your network needs to be fully operational at all times. You will want to minimize your risks of downtime, if not eliminate them altogether.