Mobitex Technology - Operators - Implementation services

Implementation Services

Here, the right logistics and implementation skills are crucial. Each site must be prepared to ensure they meet environmental and other requirements. Once the equipment is assembled and installed, you need to load and test your applications. If you 're an established network operator, new systems must be integrated with your legacy equipment. And everything must be documented as part of a massive transfer of knowledge designed to ensure that your staff is familiar with every aspect of your network investment.

The following implementation services are available:

Site Engineering
A Mobitex Technology service to assist the customer in producing the necessary Site Design documents that specify how a site should be prepared in order to comply with the Site Requirements and be ready for installation of a network node.

NCC Software Installation & Commissioning
The service includes a full-scale installation or upgrade of Mobitex software in the NCC (Network Control Centre) and results in an operational NCC that is connected to the Mobitex network.

Node Installation
A Mobitex Technology service for the installation of the Mobitex hardware and software according to the Mobitex Technology Installation Instructions.

Node Commissioning
Installed hardware and software is verified by performing measurements according to the Mobitex Technology Commissioning Procedures. As part of the service, the network node is integrated into the Mobitex network and put into operation.

Installation Logistics & Transportation
The service consists of coordination and transportation of deliveries in the country of destination, so that the right equipment arrives at the right time at the installation site.

Turnkey Network Installation
The Mobitex Technology Turnkey Network Implementation deploys the customer's network solution quickly, with guaranteed quality and at minimal risk and cost. Ericsson takes full responsibility for installation, integration and commissioning of all Mobitex equipment and delivers a fully tested and fully operational network on a pre-defined date.

System Commissioning
A Mobitex Technology service that offers the execution of a package of functional tests in order to verify that the functionality of the installed Mobitex Network System is in accordance with the functional specification.