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Mobitex NTE System Release R10
Software products
IAS IP Access Server MPAK Router

Mobitex NTE System Release R10
Mobitex NTE System Release R10, provides full support for the new Software Switch as well as improvements and features such as simplified and standardized network administration, redundant host computer connections (FST Redundancy) and XOT support for base stations.

IP Access Server (IAS)
The IP Access Server (IAS) provides IP connectivity to Mobitex networks using MX based switches. Through the IAS, operators can offer both X.25 and IP connectivity for hosts connecting to the network. Operators using the Mobitex Software Switch only, will get this functionality by default as the IAS is an integrated feature of the Software Switch.

MPAK Router
The MPAK Router (MPR) serves as a transparent gateway between fixed terminals (FST) and the Mobitex network. By taking advantage of the host group functionality in Mobitex, the MPR allows a single fixed terminal to appear at several connection points.