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Multicom Security

The Swedish company Multicom Security recently bought the Mobitex network from Telia. Multicom Security is the leading Swedish operator in the alarm sector. Through the purchase of Telia's Mobitex operations, Multicom Security can now provide both fixed and wireless network for alarms and data traffic for professional users. Customers with strong requirements when it comes to accountability and coverage are today using Multicom Security's Mobitex solutions for data, text and voice communication in field services, telemetry, public service etc. A typical Mobitex user might be a haulage company, a public transport operator, a taxi company, a forestry company or the emergency services - all of which require a large numbers of mobile units.

The Mobitex network covers over 90% of the Swedish area and 99.5 % of the Swedish population. The system operates on the 80 MHz band and Telia has been operating this network since 1986.

Contact Information
Multicom Security AB
Årstaängsvägen 1A
117 43 Stockholm

Telephone: +46 8 685 15 00
Fax: +46 8 685 15 01

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