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Private Mobitex network, flexibility and simplicity

The Private network is adapted to the needs and requirements of an individual customer creating tangible business values and gives simplicity, flexibility and cost-efficient operations. It may for example cover an industrial site, a town or a region.

Mobitex networks vary in size from a few base stations to several thousands base stations. A small private network may consist of only one or two base stations, connected to a switch. Network control center (NCC) my be included or as a handled on a managed service basis. Read more about our products andservices.

Together with our partners, we help our customers build solutions for instant and reliable wireless data communications. Read more about proven industry ready solutions at thesolutions overview.

When and why is private preferred?
The network is adapted to the needs and requirements of an individual customer. This means:

Control security, data in a controlled environment

Control cost, investment model ensures control of costs

Control capacity, more user and applications added as necessary


Integrated with enterprise systems and combined with complimentary technologies.

Can be setup as a virtual private network connected to a public network, managed and maintained by a public operator

Can be setup as a transportable network

Local system integration support.